Here are a selection of extras offered by some of our franchises. There are many other great ideas you can add onto your offerings featured on our individual franchise pages! Our Firefly Family is constantly coming up with new offerings. That's a great advantage of joining such a group of talented individuals; you can brainstorm and collaborate with your peers.

Movie Night

Catch your favorite movie under the stars or in our Firefly Bell Tent!  We provide an Ultra HD 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand, Projector, Speaker, DVD player (optional), and Plush Blankets!  


The Candy Shop

What's a movie without a few treats from the concession stand?  We have all the traditional treats that bring out the inner child in everyone!  You can add this to your Movie Night or use the Candy Shop by itself!

Popcorn Stand.jpg

Popcorn Machine

What's a movie, or any event, without this concession stand staple!  This beautiful Olde Midway Bar Style Popcorn Machine will make your Movie package even more memorable or it can be a stand-alone feature with any package or idea!


We include more than enough popcorn, individual popcorn buckets, and a scoop to make your event hassle free!

Karaoke Machine


Who doesn't want to pretend to be a Rock Star?  Take your event to a whole new level!  The GF845 Karaoke System is equipped with everything you need to bring out everyone's inner Rock Star!



  • Built-in 7" Color Screen and 35W

  • Speaker 

  • 2 Microphones

  • Remote Control

  • 2 MP3G Demo Discs with 300 songs
    DVD player

  • Bluetooth, SD Cards, AUX and USB Inputs

  • RCA Cables Included

  • Synchronized LED Lights Flash With The Music

  • Smartphone Cradle Slot

  • Party Lights Disco Ball

Super Hero Cape and Mask.jpg
LolaSaturday Butterfly Wings.jpg

Costume Closet

Who doesn't love to dress up!  Our Costume Closet provides costumes for every imagination!  We provide costumes for boys and girls of all ages.  Kids can save they day as a Marvel or DC character or grant wishes as a Princesses Fairy!   We have many costumes to choose from. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll do our best to accommodate your request!

Unicorn Sleep Mask.jpg
Pull back red car .jpg

Goodnight Kits

Ensure a good nights rest happens with our Goodnight Kits!  For girls, each kit includes a sleep mask, lip gloss, spa mask and a chocolate. For boys, each kit includes a coloring page with washable crayons, a mini night light, mini pull back car and a chocolate.  

Have something special in mind for a Kit?  We can help you create a special kit for your celebration!


Bubble Machine

Create a fun and nostolgic atmosphere with our Bubble Machine!  Bubbles bring so much fun to a party!   There is something so inexplicably magical about them.   The machine is very light and portable. We provide the bubble solution to make your event hassle free! 


Glow Party

Kids of all ages love lighting up the night with glow sticks!   They are irresistible and loads of fun.  Kids can create incredible crafts, activities, games and so much more! Need some inspiration?  We have a wonderful list of ideas!


Tables and Chairs

Our 4 ft. height adjustable tables are a necessity for outdoor gatherings.


Concierge Services

Do you have something in mind that isn't listed on our website?  Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!  For a service fee, we can arrange specialty vendors, catering, bar service, entertainment, equipment rentals and more.  We want your event to be hassle free, so let us deliever while you relax and enjoy!