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Not long ago, in early 2019, Tenille Grobmyer had an idea. She wanted to create a fun experience for kids using simple A-frame tents, but she wanted to do it above and beyond anything anyone had seen before!  


By May of that year, she and her husband Greg had launched Firefly Slumber Parties. First based in Chattanooga, TN, they quickly expanded their themed parties to include their Firefly Bell Tent, Movie Nights, Dinner Parties, Picnics, and more for their local clientele; kids, teens, and even adults!

Almost as soon as they had gotten their foothold in Chattanooga, they helped set up a sister Firefly branch in Jackson, TN, where they were originally from. And then came another franchise. And another. And another! The fun concept, team support, freedom, and low startup costs make Firefly a great idea for anyone wanting to start their own business.

Why a franchise?

In our time in business, we have seen several start ups with similar ideas to Firefly, but they don't seem to last. We have tried and true marketing ideas, an established brand, an online training portal, a community of other franchisees willing to share ideas and support each other, and so much more.


Buying into a Firefly franchise requires very little in startup costs compared to other franchise opportunities, and those funds are essentially returned to you in initial inventory and decorations. We provide ongoing support and coaching, handle your licensing and website and email, provide a payment portal, forms, contracts, checklists, spreadsheets, access to branded items, and handle your accounting. You get to have the freedom to set your own schedule and fees, create your own themes (or use ours), and make the business your own. We don't run your business, but we are always there to help. You act as an independent contractor and receive a 1099-MISC for tax purposes. 

So why reinvent the wheel? Why start from scratch, alone, when it is so simple to have a proven strategy and huge support network? Become a part of the Firefly Slumber Parties family instead and watch your business thrive!

Firefly Slumber Parties

Franchise Opportunities

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